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Sustainable Beauty


add9 が提唱する『サステナブルビューティー』とは、 「髪と肌」素材に優しく、繰り返し施術のしやすい薬剤を使用し、 洗練され、今でも毎日の鍛錬によって、 磨き続けられている技術力によって、 形が崩れにくく保ちの良いカットを組み合わせることでつくる 『持続可能な美しさ』です。
また、素材が美しくあり続けるための 「正しいケア」をご提案することです。
そして、環境に配慮した生産や開発を行うメーカーの 商品や材料を取り扱い、上質な商品と上質なサービスを 「適正な価格」でご提供することで、 私たち自身のSustainability(持続可能性)を実現します。
add9 salon provides a unique hair salon experience in the heart of Tokyo.
Offering complete hair services for both men and women.

add9 is the result of team of session stylists worked in both Fashion and Beauty industry who wanted to provide a salon experience with a difference, combining genuine care for clients and team with expert haircutting, styling and coloring with fashion orientated ideas alongside holistic massage; all under one roof.
A hair and beauty retreat of calm amongst the chaos and rush of everyday city life.

add9 is a brand with care and loyalty as its foundation.
Our aim is to deliver sustainable beauty, a unique and personal experience that will leave every client feeling refreshed and re-invigorated and to ensure that all our clients enjoy the highest level of expertise in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

At add9, each salon team member has gone through the highest level of education, enabling them to not only to listen to the client and recommend the most suitable haircut and colour for them, but to also execute at the highest level of excellence.

relax and enjoy the ride with us!!